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Current Features


StressOut is currently in it's infancy and does not represent the game we will end up at release. Loads of things are subject to change, but mainly we are planning to extend the game with more content.

Core Mechanics

At it's core, StressOut is a physics sandbox with super powers sugared on top to make it that much sweeter. You can use objects such as baseball bat or a broom to smash things or just use your hands - your choice.

Color the level and normalise time

Time freeze makes objects white, your job is to disturb the frozen objects by throwing other colorful objects into them. Telekinesis works only with colorful items, so plan ahead your destruction!

100s of intractable items

Almost all the items in the game can be interacted with. The game already includes a nice set of different items. At the release date we plan to nearly triple the amount of objects.

Party Mode

Party mode is intended for sessions when you have other people over at your place. It features a separate upgrade system and a shorter tutorial to give your guests a chance to learn. Each game should last roughly 5 minutes and score is visible on the leaderboards after the level is completed.


When you start the game you will mostly rely on smashing things with your hands or other objects, but as you progress through the game, you will find more than 15 upgrades that will make your telekinesis really powerful. After you are fully upgraded the proper fun begins.


Right now each level has a global steam leaderboards where you can compete against the score with other people from around the world. Each level also includes local leaderboards so you can compete with your friends.


Currently there are 5 main time based levels as well as 1 party mode level. There is also a short tutorial that should help you get started.

If you haven't signed up for beta yet, please do it here, we would love your feedback.

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