Chaotic destruction in VR

Beta Update 3

Oct 1st 2020

  • Explosive Crystals
  • Human Ragdolls
  • New Levels
  • Collectables
  • And a lot more...
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Extremly fun to play

Anytime you feel like breaking something, don't use your vacuum cleaner to clean broken plates, just hop in and release your frustrations!

Absolute Control

It's like having superpowers. Telekinesis? Yes, use it to wreak havoc or just throw cans of soups at a distance. Act as a mythical god!

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Easy to learn

But hard to master. Show your friends what VR is capable of without a steep learning curve. Challenge them to Party Mode and destroy more than you can.

"Real life" physics

Feel the world around you respond with haptic response. Solid objects will also feel solid, just try to put a hand through a wall.

Gravity Gloves?!

Not just gravity gloves, but gravity gloves2. Tweaked for months to feel fun and powerful.

Designed just for VR

Optimized for short gaming sessions, so you can quickly jump in and jump out. Friendly to your eyes and brains, as the effects can be quite relaxing!



Current State

We are currently running a closed beta and testing the core mechanics of the game.

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Update 1

Physics reworked & beta feedback improvements

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Update 2

A secret area, improved tutorial and loads of voice recordings added

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Major Update 3

Levels, ragdolls, explosive crystals, collectables, music...

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Next Update

Locomotion, camera improvements and more

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What's coming?

See our long term plans for the game and the features we plan.

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