Chaotic Destruction in VR

Available now in Early Access

Made for Daily StressOut

Game optimised for fun. We want to bring you daily dose of relaxation that you can't have in real life.

Destruction Focused

It starts small in a grocery store, then takes you through larger indoor spaces such as warehouse and finally it scales up to large scale building destruction.

Enhanced with Super Powers

Just telekinesis can be used in vareity of ways - collecting, shooting, shotgun shooting, combo shooting, ... And we plan to develop more!

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Gravity Gloves?!

Not just gravity gloves, but gravity gloves2.0. Tweaked for months to feel fun and powerful.

Designed just for VR

Optimised for short gaming sessions, so you can quickly jump in and jump out. Friendly to your eyes and brains, as the effects can be quite relaxing! Works on all major PCVR compatible headsets.

How to play on Oculus Quest



Current State

We are currently running Early Access and testing the core mechanics of the game.

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Update 1

Physics reworked & beta feedback improvements

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Update 2

A secret area, improved tutorial and loads of voice recordings added

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Major Update 3

Levels, ragdolls, explosive crystals, collectables, music...

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Update 4

Locomotion, camera improvements and more

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Early Access

Building destruction, improved leaderboards, music...

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What's coming?

See our long term plans for the game and the features we plan.

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What do you want in the game?

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