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How to play StressOut on Oculus Quest (10 Steps)

In this tutorial we will look at how to play StressOut on Oculus Quest wirelessly. This specific way of playing requires some tinkering and a Virtual Desktop Software (£14.99 / €19.99 / $19.99). It's possible to play the game without VD if you have the link cable.

It is recommended to use the modem with 5GHZ support for the best experience.

Step 1: Get a game & install it on Steam

Any game will work, but here is a link to StressOut, just in case.

Step 2: Buy and install Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest store.

Step 3: Download and install SideQuest on your PC

Follow the official guide on this URL:

Step 4: Register as a developer on Oculus

You will need to log in to Oculus Dashboard with the same account you logged in to your Quest.

Step 5: Download and install the drivers

Download the drivers, and then right click on "android_winusb.inf" and press "Install".

Step 6: Enable developer mode

  • Open "Oculus" app on your phone
  • Make sure the headset is on and connected to the phone
  • Open the "Settings" menu and tap on the first button "Oculus Quest" to connect
  • Expand the menu and open "More Settings"
  • Turn on "Development Mode"
  • Reboot the headset

Step 7: Enable USB debugging

  • Connect Quest and PC with USB cable
  • Make sure the headset is turned on
  • Run "SideQuest" on PC
  • Allow USB debugging on Quest

Step 8: Install "Virtual Desktop VR Patch"

  • Make sure the headset is still connected to PC with USB cable
  • Open link and click button "Install to Headset"

    Step 9: Download and install "Streamer App"

    Virtual Desktop needs some software installed on your computer to function properly. Download it here: When you run the software enter Oculus Username and save it.

    Step 10: Have fun!

  • Always open "Streamer App" on PC
  • Run "Virtual Desktop" on Quest
  • Play "StressOut" through "Virtual Desktop" library
  • Feel free to join our community Discord channel if you have any questions.

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