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Pro Tips for StressOut

We are very pleased with how the game turned out to play. In this blogpost, we will showcase some of our favourite more advanced things you can do in the game.

StressOut goes way deeper than just throwing stuff around. Not only that you can pull items from a large distance, but you can also control the force of the pull and you can even send the item flying while it's not even in your hands yet.

Fast pickups

That's the basic one: Make sure to point palm towards the item to ensure it comes with the highest speed.

Combo Pull + Push

One of the most useful strategies but often overlooked (at least when testing with our friends none of them thought of doing it.) is pulling items with 1 hand while shooting them with the other.

Be aware that you need at least 1st storage upgrade, as items flow into your inventory and out into the other hand. Collection rate and shooting rate at maximum will make this most efficient.

Mid Air Redirection

Probably the first mechanic you will figure out that requires some skill is mid-air redirection. To execute it pull the item and while it's flying towards you point your index finger in a direction you would like it to fly. You can do this with multiple items as well!

Massive shot

Pull force is another thing that becomes quite useful once you master it. If you pull loads of items slowly you can redirect 30+ items in 1 shot.

Spell Casting Spread

Once you get far enough to acquire spell casting upgrade you might feel that it's not useful enough, but it might be because you are not using it to its full extent. You can control the spread of the spell.

Fun fact; at maximum upgrade the spell contains 21 items. We feel this is not even close to what we want so we are planning to upgrade this in the future.

Early Meta?

In early game spell casting and telekinesis is not necessarily the best way to go if you care about the time and score. Try to find different items that you can use to smash the environment. My favourite is the basic broom.

Send us your favorite tricks and tips on Twitter, Discord or drop us an e-mail at and we might feature them here!

If you haven't signed up for beta yet, please do it here, we would love your feedback.

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