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Patch Notes - Beta Update 1


First Week of Beta

Thank you all for helping us test StressOut. We have received some invaluable feedback and we worked on it! First update is mostly focused on making improvements and bug fixes to the core of the game.

Physics Reworked

Several people noted that some items are over powered when you hold them in the hand. The reason for this is the fact that items were fixed to your hands when you picked them up, now the items are attached using a "spring". Attaching the items via the spring gives us multiple benefits:

  • 1. Items will not be moved around by unstoppable force so they will react properly to environment
  • 2. Adjusting the spring strength gives us the ability to give weight to the items (really similar to Half Life Alyx)

We also added physics to several game objects as you can see at the end of the gif below:

Score System Update

So far the game would finish after you activated all items. Looking for last few items at the end can be really annoying, so we decided to change this and finish the game after you reach rank 4. Time left when achiving the rank 4 will be converted to extra score points.

To achieve a specific rank you have to:

  • Rank 1 - Activate 50% of the items
  • Rank 2 - Activate 70% of the items
  • Rank 3 - Activate 80% of the items
  • Rank 4 - Activate 90% of the items

Other improvements:

  • Hands now colour items on touch
  • Prevent teleporting when hand is inside the wall
  • Improved calculation that determines whether the glass should break or not
  • Increased spell sizes:
    • Level 1: 4 → 13 items
    • Level 2: 13 → 21 items
    • Level 3: 21 → 29 items


  • Staff room now opens after completing level 5
  • Leaderboards long names should be properly shown
  • Leaderboards should correctly show players around your rank
  • Small Spell Cast fix where it would trigger sound and visual effects even if it wasn't casted
  • Reduced glass volume
  • Disable teleportation during level loading (this caused some players to start outside of a level)

Known bugs

  • HTC Vive teleportation has to be reworked (we are aiming to fix this before end of the month)
  • Voice lines are triggering when they are not supposed to (reworked voice line system is going to replace this one soon and it should get fixed at that point, until then, sorry!)

Especially thanks to all the beta testers who provided feedback 💙: @Kcam99, @Aero, @SteveZero, @PatchPatch, @SammyJspodge, @VirtuallyHealthy, @Phillip (Zilchmasta), @Ms. Switch, @tommy, @Wrarv, @poopendecken.

If you haven't signed up for beta yet, please do it here, we would love your feedback.

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