StressOut Press Contact

Patch Notes - Beta Update 2


Over the course of last month we focused on improving experience for newer players. There are few smaller changes and improvements for existing players.

A huge amount of time was also spent getting the music team and voice over ready. StressOut will get Adaptive Music as the time progresses. We are really satisfied with the team of 4 musicians and producers we got on board. Join Discord as we plan to share some samples soon!

Major improvement

  • A secret section - can you find it ;)?
  • 10 new models and items to interact with
  • New Practice level that comes after a tutorial
  • Sound system
  • 50+ voice lines integrated
  • 10+ new impact sound effects
  • Added better spatial awareness to loads of sounds
  • Overhauled watch voice over sound emitter

Smaller Improvements

  • Increased max pickup distance - items can now be pulled from roughly 30% further.
  • Decreased minimum pickup distance (it should be possible to pull items that are on the floor just next to you)
  • When going to recording mode you can now just press F1 instead of needing to press F1 (enable screen camera) then 1 (select FPS camera)
  • Improved lift UI
  • Made rating 1,2,3 easier (loads of people struggled with Level 1 so it was obviously too hard)
  • Prevent shooting when item would hit the wall immediately after launch. This was mainly done so we can build proper user intrefaces. For example, if you wanted to interact with lift interface and extended your index finger it would shoot pressing wrong buttons. Now it won't shoot until the path is clear.

Bug fixes

  • Counter works correctly
  • 5+ other smaller bugfixes that probably nobody noticed yet :D
  • Sometimes items stay stuck in the hand and you cannot get them out until you restart the game.

Known bugs

  • HTC teleportation is still working badly

What's next?

We just started the work on two new major features:

  • Bringing human ragdolls into the game (so you can throw people around with telekinesis)
  • Collectibles (hidden objects, that will give you achievements and maybe some other stuff in the future)
  • But don't worry, that's not all, we have 5 new levels in the pipeline as well that should come out with Early Access release that we are hoping to do in roughly 2 months.

    You can read more about the next update here and about the future plans here.

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