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Patch Notes - Beta Update 3

Work In Progress

Planned for late June.

Human Ragdolls

We are really excited about this one! Last year we already experimented with having humans in and they add another dimension to the game. First of all they are heavier and cause major destruction when shot around. Second of all they can be positioned in various different places to tell a story and give a player a good what the hell moment?! You'll see, we think we have something clever planned!


We plan to hide secret objects throughout the levels for players to find. There will be multiple purposes collectibles will serve in full release:

  • We want to use them as achievements and to encourage "completionist" type of play style
  • Use them to give special perks to players
  • Use them to reveal parts of the story

If you haven't signed up for beta yet, please do it here, we would love your feedback.

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